Sunday, November 2, 2008

Jack & Marie's Visit!

Every week Delta sends me an email listing cheap last-minute flights. Normally I don't even glance at these emails - I automatically hit delete and go on reading more important messages. When Jon and I were married he linked our email accounts together on his computer. He usually just glances at my inbox, but for some random reason he decided to open last week's message from Delta and discovered a $99 flight from Salt Lake City to NYC. We immediately passed the message on to our families and were able to persuade Jack (my uncle who is one year younger than me...he's more like a brother) and Marie (my little sister) to come for a quick 3 day visit!!

Here's a brief rundown of their visit: Saturday we wandered through Central Park, stopped by the Pumpkin Festival, hit all of the "touristy" spots, and ate at Patsy's (one of our favorite Italian Restaurants). On Sunday we went to church, strolled across the Brooklyn Bridge, and made crepes. Unfortunately Jonathan and I had to go to work on Monday, but Marie and Jack made the trek to Canal Street, Wall Street, and everywhere in between. I was honestly quite impressed with how well they navigated the city on their own! Monday evening we saw Phantom of the Opera (mine and Marie's favorite!) and ate Junior's Cheescake.

We had so much fun with Jack and Marie!! They were such a breath of fresh air and a blast to have as visitors! Lesson learned - check Delta's emails!!

Marie & Jack in Central Park. Jack is showing off his model shot, and Marie is giving us the peace sign.

Three amigos in Times Square.

Pumpkin Festival in Central Park!

Such a cute group. Three of my favorite people!

The Rockefeller Center. Jack loves to be funny, and we love being his laughing audience.

Jonathan's model shot. Love it.

Jonathan and I in Central Park.

The Brooklyn Bridge.

Brainwashed kids in NYC. I guess we're in Obama land.

Standing on the pier.

Beautiful city view from the bridge.


TJ and Whitnee said...

That is so fun to have some family come visit! I had no idea you could get flights so cheap, maybe TJ and I should go on a little vacation!

Kylie and Drew said...

Oh how fun! I want to go to New York SOO bad. Drew and I are probably going for our one year!

Eleesha Tucker said...

What a deal. Only $99 from NY to SLC?

The Wright Fam said...

I am totally there with you on liking the more "pretty, happy, non-terrifying" side of Halloween! I have always hated haunted houses and scary movies, which of course Todd loves to tease me about! By the way, it looks like you guys had a blast with Reba and Jack in town...wish we could have joined in on the fun, we'll have to party hard over Christmas!! Hooray for Jack being home!

The Wright Fam said...

PS- We had Dinner in a Pumpkin too, we can be weird together! Love you guys!