Thursday, March 31, 2011

nick & trev's duet

how adorable is this?  every time i watch my little brother's duet i can't help but smile.  my favorite parts are nick's jumping wrists, trevor trying not to smile and their bodies leaning in tandem with the dynamics.  now if only i could be there in person to give them a standing ovation! thanks to marie for recording & sharing!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

lunch with ashley

ashley was my roommate for two years at byu, and i absolutely adore her.  she is currently on a mission for our church serving in the new york, new york north area which includes all of manhattan, a bit of upstate new york and western connecticut.  right now she is assigned to the upper west side and harlem.  yesterday jonathan and i met up with sister coleman and her companion for lunch.  we enjoyed laughing about funny college memories, catching up and hearing about her experiences as a missionary.  who knew that 4 years later ash and i would be sitting at a restaurant in new york city eating lunch?  i love how small the world can be!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

newport, rhode island

i woke up at 8am saturday morning to jonathan coming up our twirly stairs saying, "jamie, wake up!  it's a beautiful day, so we're going to rhode island!"  the weather report promised mid-50's, so we quickly got ready, were out the door by 9am and in rhode island by 11am.  i love how it's not unusual on the east coast to cross multiple state boundaries on the same day.  you know, i work in new york city, live in connecticut and go to rhode island on the weekend like it's no big deal.

some of my favorite things during the day were...

a "cliff walk" along the rocky shoreline with beautiful ocean views and gigantic mansions

brightly painted historic doors & homes, all of which are still lived in & were built c. 1760

trinity church built c. 1726

i must say my favorite thing of all was this lighthouse that we chased down at the end of the day.  i've never seen a prettier sunset on the east coast.  the view made me feel like we were walking across the scene of a postcard.

point judith lighthouse & sunset view across the bay in narraganasett

Thursday, March 10, 2011

curtis family visits ct

last weekend jonathan's parents and sister + family came to south norwalk! although their visit was quick, we packed in the fun with a visit to yale's campus, a trip to the infamous stew leonard's grocery store, dessert at chocopologie, church and a birthday celebration.

jonathan is currently on spring break (lucky guy), so he went back with our visitors to philadelphia for a day where he spent more time with playing with the kids and following his mom + sister around philadelphia's international flower show.

thank you for the fun visit! we hope to see you again soon!