Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our New Happy Valley

We've been on a quest. Finding an Indian restaurant in New York City is about as easy as finding a Yankee fan--they are everywhere. Over the past couple of months, we have hit several of them, building up our palates before each visit, only to be sincerely disappointed (and in one case, utterly disgusted (Tip: if a waiter makes any sort of bodily noise as you walk through the door, immediately turn around--most likely they will serve up minute rice with a California Medley Blend of vegetables--really--never, ever, ever eat at Bengal Cafe--they pull you in with their cheaper prices, but trust us: it is not worth it)). It seemed that each visit was worse than the one before.

Tonight, our taste buds were more giddy than a bunch of BYU students at a ward slip-and-slide.

We found the real happy valley: Indus Valley. Two weeks ago, an SUV slammed through their outdoor seating area, but they used their curry power to rebuild the corner and continue business. And business is booming, attracting some of the local notables--like us!

When you come to visit us, and if you like good Indian food, I promise we will go here. Absolutely incredible...we strongly recommend:
  • Kashmiri Roganjosh: "Tender pieces of Lamb cubes simmered in an exotic sauce of Green and Black Cardamoms, Kashmiri Chillies, Cloves, Cinnamon leaves, Mace, Coriander, Ginger, Garlic, Onion, Yogurt and Fennel."
  • Malai Kofta: "Dumplings made with an array of vegetables and Cottage Cheese and cooked with a delicate gravy made with fresh Tomato puree, Onions, garlic, Red Chili Powder, Coriander, Ginger, Turmeric, Cloves and Cinnamon."
  • Vegetable Biryani: "Biryani is an Exotic preparation of marinated meat or vegetables mixed with the Basmati Rice ans slow cooked in a closed thick bottomed utensil. This method of cooking is popularly known as “Dum” cooking by which all the flavors, nutrients and aromas are retained. Lavish use of spices, herbs & saffron makes this a very delicious Rice preparation."
  • Mango Lassi: "Delicious King of the fruit-Alphonso or Kesar Mango Pulp churned with homemade Yogurt."
  • Nan/Garlic Nan

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New York Nelsons said...

I am glad you tried it. It is our favorite restaurant! I know we talked about it, but I can't remember if we told you our favorites. But, the Roganjosh and the Malai Kofta our our favorites as well. Of course we can't go and not get the Mango Lassi!