Wednesday, November 12, 2008

South Street Seaport

Not last weekend, but the weekend before Jonathan and I finally went to visit a part of the city we had really been wanting to see: South Street Seaport (try saying that one 10 times's a tongue twister). The Seaport is one of New York's many historic areas featuring some of the oldest architecture on the island - mostly restored early 19th century commercial buildings that are now home to renovated original mercantile buildings, renovated sailing ships, the former Fulton Fish Market, and nice shops and restaurants (Pizzeria Uno - a Bond family favorite from when lived in California) . We both found the Seaport reminiscent of Pier 39 in San Francisco - old buildings, smell of fish, dock overlooking the water, old buildings - with a New York twist.

South Street Seaport.
Pizzeria Uno -'s really too bad NYC lists the calorie content for their restaurants. Now I know exactly how many calories I consumed in just one slice of pizza.
You know you're in New York when you see a water taxi that looks like this.
Aren't we adorable?
View of the Brooklyn Bridge.
What a handsome man.
Jonathan's favorite (he made me type that).
Jonathan snapped this right as we were leaving. I love the lines, angles colors and photographer. People often forget to look above eye level when capturing images through a lens. Not here.
Some of the typical buildings on Fulton Street, close to the Pier.
More bars in more places. AT&T should pay us for this one.


Lauren said...

You guys are adorable! I love the South Street Seaport. Didn't we go there last summer, or was that one of the things we talked about doing but never did!

Eleesha Tucker said...

mmmm. Gotta love the smell of fish in the air.:) If you could ever catch it, the History channel did a documentary of the history of pizza. Uno's was included. I believe they were the first to make a deep dish. It was so popular, they opened another Uno's on the same block (or right across the street) and expanded from there.

Mum Karol said...

Hey. I can't believe I stumbled onto your blog. I don't blog but i love to look at them. SOund's like you are having a great time in NY. Another great place to visit!!! Enjoy the time you have there. Time goes by all to fast. Love ya,
Pretty Aunt Karol

Sorensen Family said...

You guys look like you are just loving life in New York! I am jealous of the great adventure you are having! Hey I put our blog private but never got your e-mail so I could invite you. If you like to keep looking at ours just e-mail me your e-mail so I can invite you!

Brittoni said...

I love to look at your blog and see what fun adventures you guys are having.

Justin said...

Dig the photos. I often snap pictures of architecture--for the lines, space, etc.--I love photographing that building on the corner of 72nd and Central Park West--it sort of creeped me out when I realized in a class the other day that it is the same buidling from Rosemary's Baby. I guess that's why it is so bewitching--ha ha

Jessica said...

I had a dream that Scott and I were in New York last night (I don't wonder why my kiddos are not in my dreams). We were going to come visit you (in my dream) at work, because of course, I just happened to know the address of your work (Jamie). Too bad Riggs woke me up just after Scott did a few Michael Jackson Dance moves, because I never got to see where you work. Maybe one day I can actually come visit, not just dream about you two.