Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rome, Italy

Day 4 - August 13th
Early Saturday morning we left Ghana to kick off our backpacking trip through Europe!  First destination?  Rome, of course.  Jonathan will find any excuse he can to make his way back to Italy.  After eating rat, whole fish and other obscure meals, he was even more excited to get to Rome and eat!!   Pizza, gelato, pasta, gelato, gelato...

We got in late afternoon on Saturday, so we only had a day and a half in Rome before we were off to our next destination!

We stayed at a little bed & breakfast right near the Pantheon.  It was the perfect location - within walking distance of so many of our favorite sights, restaurants and gelaterias!

Day 5 - August 14th
We packed as much as we could into our 60 hours in Rome.  Jonathan spoke the language beautifully, and I attempted as much as I could thanks to his training.  We did the entire day on foot, which looking back now was a good decision considering we made 3 different stops for gelato.  

I absolutely loved being in Rome again and not feeling the pressure to see everything.  Instead we were able to meander through one of our favorite cities in the world and enjoy the things we saw along the way.  Our stops included:

Piazza Navona

Piazza del Popolo

Villa Borghese (Rome's Central Park)

The charming streets of Rome


Gelaterias - favorites include Frigidarium & Giolitti

Vittorio Emmanuelle II

The Forum & Colosseum