Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dad's Boat

Last summer my father became a different man. About one month after Jonathan and I moved far, far away he purchased a boat, and this purchase has completely changed his life.

My dad used to pick up my phone calls saying, "Hey Jamie, I'm on a call with some clients...can I call you back?" Now he picks up and I hear wind blowing in the background as he says, "Hey Jamie, we're out on the boat..." Sad, I know. We're missing out. I guess that's what we get for moving to the other end of the country.

4th of July weekend we joined in on the fun. I saw dad in his element with a big goofy grin, mom wakeboard and wakesurf like a pro (she puts anyone to shame), Marie glide across the water (she's good too!), Nick fearlessly jump the wake, Trevor sing "goofy goober" while riding on the kneeboard and Jonathan do a great job wakeboarding in choppy water.

Dad, we're officially converted.

Dad sure does loves his boat!

Mom is the best at trailing the boat! Even the guys trying to load up next to us were VERY impressed!

I can get up! I even got outside the wake but laughed so hard (I was surprised I did it) that I didn't stay up too long.

Nick, Jon and Trev.

This is one of his smaller jumps. Way to go Nick!

The cutest flag holder!

Trevor on the kneeboard is prime entertainment! He does tricks like no hands (demonstrated above), air guitar and jumping all while singing (we could hear him from the boat!).

I love my sister.

This is just about the cutest thing ever - Mom + Trevor wakesurfing!

I loved watching Jon try and change his body from snow skiing mode to wakeboarding mode. He did so well!!

Dad is a true wakesurfer! Although he still has to take it easy, he sure tears up the wake!

He is adorable.

Marie made this look too easy. Just ask Jon.