Sunday, August 29, 2010


a couple weeks ago we escaped our crazy lives on the east coast and went home to enjoy some time with family and friends. some highlights of the trip:
the cabin
a couple days on dad's boat
yummy pizza at settebello
nick's 13th birthday
other things we enjoyed but didn't get to capture on camera are jonathan and his dad golfing, a delicious dinner with ryan + erin young, sunday dinners, jamie seeing tehmi (and eating her amazing chocolate chip cookies!), bbq's and just relaxing at home. thanks for such a wonderful trip home!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

dinner on the beach

i just adore melissa - she and i were visiting teaching companions during our two years in the city, and she is an absolute gem. luckily we are only 45 minutes away, so we still get to see her! last saturday we had dinner with her and some connecticut friends at rowayton {bayley} beach. perfect setting with wonderful people. we are so lucky.

Friday, August 6, 2010

andrew bird at the guggenheim

andrew bird is one of our all-time favorite musicians, and last night we were lucky enough to see him perform at the guggenheim. although it made for a tremendously late night in the city, this certainly was one of the best instrumental performances we've seen. ever.
{images from, and jonathan's phone}

can you find us in the third picture?

he plays every single instrument, sings all of the vocals and even adds his own whistling into each piece he performs - both recorded and live. during last night's performance he track-looped his songs: he recorded measures strumming his violin like a guitar, clapping his hands, whistling, playing the violin and singing at the same time - and bit by bit, as he continued on, he used a foot switchboard to layer each recording on top of each other to create the entire piece. amazing.

if you don't know who he is, i highly recommend you check him out.