Sunday, November 2, 2008


I'm not the biggest fan of Halloween. In fact, I really don't care for the holiday. I think my trick-or-treating experiences as a little girl are what ruined it for me. Scary things happened like guys jumping from their roof and running around the house spraying silly string at Marie and I, haunted houses, etc. I don't like scary movies or scary costumes even still to this day - they just scare me. Every year I dressed up I had to be something pretty like a bride, a princess, a witch (a pretty one), or a cheerleader. The closest I got to scary was Cruella DeVille, but even then I was semi-pretty.

Although I don't love Halloween, there are some traditions I like to keep up. One of my favorites is decorating sugar cookies. It has become even more fun with Jonathan - he has quite the imagination and never decorates the same cookie twice. Another tradition that we are doing tomorrow night for Family Home Evening is dinner in a pumpkin. It probably sounds a little strange, but it's another one of those things that just makes it feel like Halloween (in a happy, good sort of way).

My typical pumpkin decoration.

Barack Obama and John McCain.

Our lovely assortment of cookies. Can you tell which ones are Jonathan's?


Jamie said...

what a fun tradition. We need to start one like this. Can I steal your idea?

Eleesha Tucker said...

I love how Jonathan is modeling them like Vanna White.:)

Brittoni said...

please tell me more about dinner in a pumpkin. It is weird being married into the wright family and I have never heard this one. Those cookies look great and very yummy!!

Annie said...

I love Halloween, but not because of the scary, costume, trick-or-treating stuff. Every year my dad makes the most amazing homemade donuts.