Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day

Lucy and I spent most of Valentine's Day at my parents' home where my Grandma helped me make homemade taffy - one of my very favorite treats!

While we were there, my mom & sister opened Lucy's Valentine - a bottle of bubbles!  Lucy loved watching the bubbles float through the air.  As soon as one would come close to her face, she would shut her eyes tight.  Eventually she got brave enough to poke the bubbles.  It was so fun to watch her eyes light up with joy!

That evening Jonathan and I enjoyed a nice evening together eating a candlelit dinner and cuddling up & talking by the fire.  He was kind to take the entire night off from studying!  It was a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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Kelsi said...

Her little outfit is to die for! She is such a mini Jamie I love it!