Friday, February 22, 2013

Lucy: 9 Months

weight: 14lbs 8.5oz
length: 26.25"
head circumference: 16.75"

Don't let her measurements fool you!  Although Lucy is a tiny 9-month-old (off the charts in weight and between 5th & 10th percentiles in length), she is big when it comes to strength, personality and capacity.

At 9 months old this darling little girl has become quite the adventurer.  She crawls everywhere and loves pulling herself up to stand on pretty much anything, including walls!  Lucy can say "baba" and "mama," although those words really seem to have little meaning to her.  Clapping and waving are her newest skills, although waving still takes some coaxing.  She loves to mimic her dad - during dinner they will tilt their head back & forth at each other.  It's the sweetest thing to watch.  Her best smiles are definitely for daddy.  Believe it or not, Lucy does not have any teeth!  But so far that hasn't stopped her from gumming all sorts of solid foods.  She is a pretty good eater when you catch her at the right moment.  Lucy still nurses 4-5 times a day and has decided that she is not at all a fan of bottles.  

In addition to exploring, Lucy loves to read!  She doesn't really have a favorite toy (in fact, she's way more interested in all things "non-toy" at the moment... e.g. brooms, shoes, cords, outlets, etc), but when we pull out a book, her face sure lights up.  We read two or three books before each nap and bedtime.  Morning naps are becoming a little bit of a struggle, and I'm wondering if she might be ready to move to 1 nap a day.  Knowing how to stand up in her crib also hasn't helped.  Apparently there are too many other fun things to do, who wants to sleep?!  While daytime sleep is a bit sporadic, Lucy is a great nighttime sleeper - usually 7pm to 7am.  With or without great sleep during the day, she is such a happy baby.  We absolutely love our baby girl!


Lizzie said...

I Love that sweet little Lucy! I'm so glad we got to see her. She's darling & such a smart girl. I wish we could get together for play dates more often. xoxo.

Shell said...

She is just the sweetest and I love how tiny she is! Keep up the blogging, I love seeing this little girl grow!