Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Definition: capable of moving or being moved readily
Synonyms: adaptable, free, moving, nomadic, portable, roaming, unsettled, wandering

Oh how these words are so perfectly descriptive of my darling 8.5 month old!

Just after the 7 month mark (right before Christmas), Lucy started experimenting with crawling.  I guess you could say it was more like she was scooting around, slowly inching her arms and legs to her destination.  With a good month and a half of practice under her belt, this girl is cruising!  She will crawl, pause in a plank pose, sit down and then turn back to crawling.  Truly - if I turn my head for just a couple minutes, I will find her clear across the other side of the house.  She quickly reminds me of all of the things I have yet to "baby proof."  She is smart.  And fast!  And so much more content now that she can go wherever her little heart desires.  I love to hear her giggle and talk as she pitter-patters across the floor.

Having mastered this form of mobility, Lucy is now moving on to the next phase: pulling herself to stand.  She is very comfortable pulling herself up to her knees, and is only now starting to really pull herself up to her feet.  In fact, today after both her morning and afternoon nap I went in to find her beaming and standing tall.  I love this new greeting of hers!


Alyse said...

Oh my! The pride on her face in that last photo is priceless! What a cutie.

Shell said...

Love, love her! Go Lucy!

Brad & Lauren said...

She is so precious! I love her planking position. And if you think the standing and smiling is good, just wait till its "mama, dada, mama, maaaaammmmaa!" but in a happy voice!

Liz Jensen said...

yea keep up the blogging! I'm in love with her big smile in the last picture of her in the crib. What a doll!!!

Ashley said...

So cute!!!