Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dear Dad,

Today I wore a black sweater, black pants and brown boots. I must confess it has become quite the trend here in the city, so I thought I'd give it a try. To my astonishment I really liked how the brown boots with an all black ensemble tied my outfit together, and I think I'll do it again.

I'm sorry I ever criticized you for wearing black and brown at the same time. While my rule still holds true that your belt and shoes should match (especially when it comes to Sunday attire), you now have my full permission to mix as you'd like...not that you ever needed my permission!



Eleesha Tucker said...

I have the similar hesitation to mix those colors. Perhaps the trendiness of the city would change me too.:)

Annie said...

Please don't tell Spencer about this or he'll never listen to my comments on the dos and don'ts of dressing.

Lauren said...

I should probably leave my daddy the same note on his desk. :) miss you!

Kylie and Drew said...

I'm dying!!! This made me so happy.

Amy said...

I loved this!! Too funny... I guess we'll all have to let our dad's off the hook.

*Hailey Wright* said...

yeah my dad and joe have been driving me NUTS!!! they all are making fun of me because i won't let my dad were black and brown then joe told me about this post and my dad took it to heart and now they will not leave me alone!

-Hailey Wright