Sunday, March 1, 2009

80's Dance Party

Last night we danced the night away with our friends at the Morningside Heights Ward 80's Dance Party. The party was complete with leggings, pegged pants, high bangs, big hair, belted waists, bright colors and impressive dance moves.

As Jonathan and I left our apartment to head over to the party we were a bit embarrassed to be seen dressed up - Jonathan with big hair and sweater vest (my sweater vest that I still wear...) (think Duran Duran meets Ferris Bueller) and me in a bright pink sweater, oversized t-shirt and leggings. Once we walked down Broadway and hopped on the subway we realized that pretty much anything goes in New York. People don't bat an eye at anything...they've seen it all.

Jonathan, Charles, Marydee (loved her bangs), Madeline, Ashley and Jonathan
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!
We won 2nd place for best dressed...I'm pretty sure it was Jonathan and his dance moves that came through for us!


The Wright Fam said...

What a BLAST!!! THat looke like so much fun!! Looks like you guys rocked the house!!

AmyCurtis said...

Jon does look pretty Farris to me. You guys are great!

Jane said...

Amazing! I was guessing that Jon was wearing your sweater vest :)

Kristy B said...

What was so funny about the 80's? I still wear those clothes, ha ha. Jamie, remember your high bangs? Sorry honey.

Kelsi said...

ha ha I love your moms comment. 80's parties are the best... and I love dressing up for them. Looks like you had a blast. Love the outfits.

Katie and Jeff Wood said...

Hey cutie! fun to see your pics and your blog. that was sure a fun dance! lets hang again soon xoxo