Sunday, February 22, 2009

Little Korea

There are a lot of "Little _____" (anythings) scattered throughout this wonderful city. Last night we explored a piece of Little Korea with some of our ward friends. Thankfully we had Ryan and Brooke, our Korean experts, who helped us interpret the 12 page menu and place an order. Our meal consisted of delicious Korean BBQ complete with numerous unidentifiable side dishes to wrap in lettuce. In addition, Jonathan and I also ordered a giant stone bowl of rice, beef, mixed vegetables with a raw egg cracked on top. We probably would have made an alternate decision; however, once Ryan informed us that this dish was Michael Jackson's all time favorite, we were sold. "The Jacko Special" or "MJ" turned out to be quite delicious...all we had to do was "Beat It" (to cook the egg).


AmyCurtis said...

sounds fun. I remember having one of those stone bowls before - pretty good if I remember right. You two have lots of adventures!

The Wright Fam said...

Love it!! What fun adventures you guys have!! Soak it up!

di said...

hey i love your blog! and it was fun to eat with you all that night! xoxo