Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Visiting NYC & CT

This past weekend, Jonathan was invited to present his Master's research at a global health conference at Yale University.  We quickly jumped at the opportunity to be back east and made a family trip of it!!  Because Jonathan could not miss any days from medical school, his trip was rather quick.  He took a redeye flight Friday night, drove straight to New Haven, participated in the conference, hung around CT & NYC on Sunday, and took an early morning flight back to Salt Lake on Monday.  

Lucy and I, however, had a little longer stay.  We flew in Wednesday afternoon.  Lucy has flown 3 times before this, but each time I had extra hands with me to help.  I was a bit nervous to do a 5 hour flight all on my own with this wiggle worm, but it all worked out.  In fact, we had the entire row to ourselves.  The flight attendant reminded me that she had never seen this happen on this particular flight.  Prayers were answered, and Lucy was very well behaved.

Day 1
Toured the 9/11 Memorial, ate lunch in Central Park with NYC friends, met up for hot chocolate with my old college roommate, and had dinner with my dear friend/old co-worker.

For whatever reason we never had a chance to visit the 9/11 Memorial before we moved to Salt Lake.  This was a high priority on my "to do list" this trip, and I am so glad we were able to make it.  The 9/11 Memorial was amazing - so somber and peaceful.  It was actually quite overwhelming to think of the horrific events that took place right there not too long ago.  At that same time, it was inspiring to feel the strength and resilience of our nation as we walked the grounds.

That afternoon Lucy and I made our way to the Upper West Side where we met old friends from the Morningside Heights Ward for lunch in Central Park.  Why didn't I get a picture of all of us together?  I was too busy catching up and having fun.  I stole the picture above from my friend's Instagram feed (thank you, Lesley!!).

We then made our way to Union Square where we met up with my old BYU roommate, Ash, for hot chocolate.  Once again, I was too busy talking and laughing to capture a picture!  Oh dear.

And last of all that day, we met up with Elizabeth for dinner.  It was wonderful to catch up with her and learn all about the latest happenings in my old office.

Day 2
Wandered around the Upper East Side in pouring rain, met up with old co-workers, and went to the MET.

Our good friend, Thomas, was kind enough to take a day off work to play with Lucy and I in the city.  Unfortunately, the weather wasn't very cooperative.  We spent the entire morning walking around the Upper East Side in pouring rain.  The rain let up slightly as we wandered through Central Park, but quickly made its way back.  Later that afternoon I visited my old office.  Once again, no pictures!  I was too busy talking and chasing Lucy around the halls and cubicles!

That night I met up with another good friend, Lesley, to wander around the MET.  This was probably one of my favorite parts of the trip.  Lesley is so knowledgeable about all things art related, so it was amazing to learn from her of the background behind different pieces and exhibits.  Not only that, it was just fun to have good company!

Day 3
Wandered around SoHo and made our way up to CT.

Thomas, Lucy, and I spent the morning wandering around SoHo.  We found a swing in Washington Square Park for Lucy - one of her favorite things to do!  That afternoon Lucy and I hopped on Metro North and made our way up to CT.  A few friends met us for dinner, and Jonathan met us as soon as he finished at his conference.  And again, no pictures as we were too busy socializing!  But it was so good to see old friends.

Day 4
Ate a delicious breakfast with friends, attended church, and met up with friends in Central Park.  

Our good friends, Dave & Lizzy, had us over for breakfast on Sunday morning before church.  Lucy and Tillie loved playing together.  It was the sweetest thing to watch them interact and follow each other around.  We then made our way to church at our old ward and saw so many familiar faces.  We kept getting asked with enthusiasm, "Did you guys move back?!"

That night we met up with Lesley and Jane in Sheep Meadow.  Lesley was kind to take some family pictures for us, and more than anything it was fun to chat with dear old friends.  Jonathan has known them both since 7th grade!

Bright and early Monday morning Jonathan, Lucy, and I made our way back to Salt Lake City.  It was such a wonderful trip and so good to be on the east coast again!  Until next time!


Lizzie said...

I'm sad we missed you while you were in town! Looks like you had the best trip though!

Kelsi said...

What a fun trip! Travelling is the best. Lucy is such a doll.