Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lucy: 11 Months

This little girl is as busy as ever and hardly sits still.  Lucy can stand for a good amount of time without holding onto anything.  Sometimes she will even squat up and down.  She has attempted a couple steps here and there, but has yet to take her first real steps.  Lucy learned how to crawl up the two flights of stairs in our house and had a tumble down one flight of them earlier today (I still feel so, so terrible!).  She is a tough girl, though, and bounces right back after any fall or bonk - which happens quite frequently these days.

Her bottom right front tooth finally broke through!  I thought the neighboring tooth was on its way, but it hasn't made an appearance yet.  Lucy continues to be a really good eater, and I am amazed at the things she can manage with her one tooth and gums.  She has mastered the use of her sippy cup, which makes her look more like a toddler and less of baby.  But her small size definitely keeps her looking more baby-like.  Just last week we moved her into size 3 diapers and size 6 to 9 month clothing.  Itty bitty thing!

Lucy loves to say "uh oh," although recently it has turned more into "uh uh uh uh oh."  She is really good at waving and loves to wave to her daddy when he talks to her on the phone.  She lights up whenever she sees or hears him.  Reading books is one of Lucy's favorite parts of the day, and she loves to turn the pages on her own.  In fact, throughout the day I will find her sitting with a book just turning the pages back and forth.

These months are passing all too quickly!  I still can't believe that in just a couple weeks our baby girl will be 1.  Already!?  But if there is anything that I have learned in motherhood, it is that it just gets better with time.  Every day I find myself loving Lucy more than the day before.  Watching her grow, learn and develop is absolutely part of my greatest joy in life!

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