Sunday, November 21, 2010

work and play

these past two weeks have been a whirlwind, and we sure packed them full of a lot of work and play.

thomas visits connecticut:
thomas is another one of our good friends from the city.  he and i became instant friends while we worked together at l'oreal, and he and jon became pals while he was our neighbor on the upper west side.  now that thomas lives on the lower east side and works at ralph lauren, and we live in connecticut, we were due for a nice, long visit filled with shopping, seeing the historic sites of mystic and eating delicious new england clam chowder.

business trip to new orleans:
this week i attended divisional meetings in new orleans where i presented upcoming redken haircolor launches and promotions to our field sales team.  the hotel was right around the corner from bourbon street, and i had no idea what that even meant before my trip.  now i know.  let's just say i was glad to be with co-workers who enjoyed eating beignets at cafe du monde.

in the heights:
on friday night jonathan tested our luck at getting lottery tickets for a broadway show called "in the heights," and we won!  front row seats for $25 dollars!!  we absolutely loved it - the setting takes place about 60 blocks north of where we lived in the city, so we were able to catch on to a lot of the cultural and neighborhood references.  the music, dancing and story is fantastic and highly recommended.

yale vs. harvard football game:
yesterday we attended "the game" in boston.  this was the 127th time the schools have played, making it the second oldest continuing rivalry in college football.  admittedly, i didn't even know ivy league schools played sports; however, i quickly learned that they do, and in fact, they even play pretty well.

after the game we spent some time walking around downtown boston (i fell in love) and ate some delicious lobster at america's oldest restaurant - the union oyster house.

employee hair day:
one of the perks of my job is called "employee hair day."  a few times a year some of the redken artists come into the office and do our hair - for free!  this time i decided to be a little more adventuresome.  i work for a hair company, so i figured why not?  if i hate it, i certainly know plenty of people who could fix it for me.  so, with the help of a consultation from the artist, i decided to go for an auburnish brunette color.  i'm still a little surprised when i look in the mirror - it's definitely darker than my natural haircolor - but it's a fun change for now.


Karene said...

hot dark hair!!!

Lizzie said...

1. Love the hair. Way to be adventurous!
2. Boston is gorgeous. So glad you loved it too!
3. I have been wanting to see In The Heights & didn't know they had a lottery. I am going to have to try that! Congrats on winning!

The Wright Fam said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new hair!!! You look gorgeous as ever!!!! It is so fun to read up on your adventures! It makes me miss you guys so much!! Glad to hear that you guys are enjoying the ride and making some unforgettable memories!! Love you!

Laura said...

Kind of offended you didn't say "Hi" when you were in town for the game! or it could be the team rivalry:)

Michael and Cassie said...

I love your hair! It looks so good on you! Maybe once I get more established and can open my own salon, I can get the hook-ups on Redken!? haha! just joking, but hopefully we get to see you while you guys are in Utah!

Alyse said...

Cute hair Jamie! But then again, you're always cute--no matter what!

Jessica McKay said...

Riggs and I think that Jamie's hair is beautiful. We can't wait to see it in person (in TWO days!). "Uncle Jon has funny hair. (giggle,giggle)" Love you!

Kate said...

Jamie! I love your hair! You have had it so many different ways since I've met you and you look absolutely gorgeous in every style! We miss you guys so much...we've got to plan a get together!!