Thursday, November 11, 2010

weepies concert

last night we saw one of our very favorite bands of all time - the weepies - at the hiro ballroom in the meatpacking district of nyc.  they are a folk band that is made up of a husband and wife (i just love that).  we played a lot of their songs at our wedding, so they have a special place in our hearts.  

this was definitely one of the best shows we've ever seen.  we knew the songs and loved the music.  after the show, on our way to the subway, i couldn't stop singing, and i still have songs stuck in my head...we absolutely loved it.

greg tannen (steve's brother) opened and did one song with them.
the weepies: steve tannen and his wife deb talan.
the venue.
some of our favorite songs: gotta have you, world spins madly on, all good things, orbiting, be my thrill, please speak well of me, add my effort, antarctica...okay we pretty much love everything they do!


breckster said...

I'm jealous!

Lizzie said...

Jealous! I found out about this concert too late & it was sold out.

I didn't realize they were married. In fact, I recently downloaded a few songs by Deb Talan and kept wondering how I hadn't heard of her before because I loved her stuff so much. Now I know I've been listening to her all along!

Annie said...

Oh how I love The Weepies.

GT said...

Super cute blog, guys :)

Greg Tannen