Thursday, October 14, 2010

mystic, ct

we're a little city sick at the moment, so we're trying to find and do fun things that will help us fall in love with connecticut. don't get me wrong - we like it here, we're just still finding our groove. this past sunday we took a drive to a quaint, historical coastal town called mystic. it was a gorgeous day and fun to spend some quality time together.



Jessica McKay said...

Your pictures are beautiful! You two are so cute.
I understand the city-sick thing. I miss Iowa (very scary words). I keep telling Scott that I'm never moving again. He always looks horrified and tells me that I have to move at least one more time, because we're not staying in Philly.
Let's meet up in the city soon.

Shell said...

hey Jame, I'm glad you found me! I was looking for yours that night after the thing at your house and I was spelling John's name wrong...I was putting an 'O' at the end. I'm not the greatest speller;-) I'm glad you had fun in Mystic! It's a fun place!