Sunday, October 31, 2010

the mckays in nyc

jonathan's sister jessica and her cute family moved to philadelphia this summer, and we are trying to take advantage of having them so close to us.  on saturday we met up in the city - scott and jess did a session in the manhattan temple, and anne, megan, riggs, naomi, jonathan and i played in central park's playgrounds.  we had so much fun collecting acorns (megan found over 50 acorns...and kept them in her pockets!), playing catch (riggs has an arm!), swinging on the monkey bars (i'm pretty sure anne is a monkey) and eating fruit snacks (i couldn't feed naomi fast enough!).  later that afternoon we met up for yummy pizza and pasta at patsy's.  we love having family on the east coast!


Jessica McKay said...

Great pictures! I should have checked your blog before I scrapbooked our day. Don't you love Megan in her hood, hat and sunglasses? At least she stayed warm. Thanks for all the fun!

Lee and Jane Curtis said...

I commented about Megan's attire- it is styling and warm. Thanks for the great photos and the care of the children. Jess and Scott owe you big time. I love that family finds each other. Love-Mom