Sunday, August 29, 2010


a couple weeks ago we escaped our crazy lives on the east coast and went home to enjoy some time with family and friends. some highlights of the trip:
the cabin
a couple days on dad's boat
yummy pizza at settebello
nick's 13th birthday
other things we enjoyed but didn't get to capture on camera are jonathan and his dad golfing, a delicious dinner with ryan + erin young, sunday dinners, jamie seeing tehmi (and eating her amazing chocolate chip cookies!), bbq's and just relaxing at home. thanks for such a wonderful trip home!!


Michael and Cassie said...

I'm sad we missed you guys this time! hopefully next time we'll get to see you!

Tehmi said...

Stella has another picture for you! Don't you fret, we are coloring up a storm here these days...
Miss you!

Camille said...

I can't believe Nick is already 13!! Time goes by way too fast! I miss you!

Kelsi said...

Jamie... next time you are in Utah give me a call... it would be fun to catch up! Love all the pictures.

di said...

yay! i stumbled on your blog perusing cookshack! :) how are you two crazy kids doing? anytime you feel like an overnighter in the city - you know you're welcome here. lydia is a little girl now - time flies. xo Diane