Friday, August 6, 2010

andrew bird at the guggenheim

andrew bird is one of our all-time favorite musicians, and last night we were lucky enough to see him perform at the guggenheim. although it made for a tremendously late night in the city, this certainly was one of the best instrumental performances we've seen. ever.
{images from, and jonathan's phone}

can you find us in the third picture?

he plays every single instrument, sings all of the vocals and even adds his own whistling into each piece he performs - both recorded and live. during last night's performance he track-looped his songs: he recorded measures strumming his violin like a guitar, clapping his hands, whistling, playing the violin and singing at the same time - and bit by bit, as he continued on, he used a foot switchboard to layer each recording on top of each other to create the entire piece. amazing.

if you don't know who he is, i highly recommend you check him out.

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