Sunday, June 28, 2009


I've always had a strange obsession with hair. I can't count the number of times I was in trouble for cutting Marie's hair, dyeing my hair with friends (Lindsay + Camille) or giving Jack highlights (sorry, Grandma).

One of the many times I highlighted Jack's hair using the cap / pull through method. I don't think you can even see the highlights.

Eventually I gained some experience and was allowed to cut Nick + Trevor's hair - an event they absolutely dreaded and I absolutely loved. For some reason I could never quite convince dad to let me touch his hair. Now I have a dear husband who finally (after much convincing) let me cut his hair. Thanks for amusing me, honey.




The Hansens said...

Looks great Jamie! Good work! I'm glad you finally convince him :).

The Wright Fam said...

I have the same obsession!! I have to practically bribe Todd to let me cut his hair! I look forward to it as the highlight of my day and he dreads every moment (whether it's me or a stylist cutting it, he hates getting his hair cut, and the little hairs that scratch his neck). I have to admit I have improved my skills over the years, but there are still those days when Todd has to wear a hat for a couple of days to hide my hack-skills! LOL!

The Wright Fam said...

Ps- jon's hair looks great, I need to get some tips from you!!

Brittoni said...

love LOVE the pic of you and jack!! I think you did a great job!

*Hailey Wright* said...

very nice Jamie... just like a pro!