Sunday, August 17, 2008

Greenwich Village

In a recent conversation, Jamie and I decided that if we were going to continue to invite our friends and family to New York, and if they were to continue to accept our invitations, we had better become more familiar with what the city has to offer. So we determined that we would try to explore a different neighborhood each weekend, or as often as we can given our loaded schedules. Last week I was taking classes at New York University in Greenwich Village (often shortened to "the Village") and was taken by the spattering of boutiques and eclectic restaurants pigeonholed in old row-houses on tree-lined streets. Wandering through these alleys, I knew Jamie would take a liking to the place and so we decided to make this our first neighborhood tour. Greenwich puts the hip in hip-hop, it may not contain the the Prime Meridian, but sure is prime. The Village....well you get the point: Greenwich is uber-trendy among those who are concerned with what is uber-trendy.

Greenwich Village has a rich history situated in the South West side of Manhattan. It is called the village because it was away from the the two places run together, connected by rich, young professionals and liberal students. I won't dwell on the history, but suffice it to say that George Washington, Edgar Allen Poe, and Woody Allen all helped make the Village what it is today: an amoral, avant-garde patchwork stitched by threads of daring drama and lifestyles, all on a Revolutionary background of Georgian, red-brock houses and lush, green parks.

Here are some things of interst we discovered in
Greenwich Village:

The Village is a very happy place. There are many happy people in the Village. Happy people like rainbows.

Falafel is very good and very cheap
Did I mention that falafel is cheap?

I have potential as a street-baller.

It looks like Jamie's "leaning".


Kyle and Lesley said...

Jonathan, I'm glad you're blogging so that I can read your writing! You owe it to the world. I look forward to touring the city through your blog... so keep it up!

I love both of your haircuts, by the way.

Stanton & Rubi Jones said...

hahahaha the village is a happy place. your blog is very entertaining. we should explore one of the neighborhoods with you guys!

Eleesha Tucker said...

Hey, speaking of discovering new places, I just moved into a cute row house in Old Towne Alexandria. It's not quite as eclectic as the village, but it has a great deal of character. my house was built in 1902 and recently renovated. It's 4 blocks from the train station. If you'd like to come down for a weekend I'd love to have you.