Sunday, July 6, 2008

Playing House and Buying Furniture

Thanks to the Fourth of July holiday weekend and the fabulous sales of some of our neighborhood furniture stores we are now the proud owners of a sofa, dining table, and hutch! I have to laugh every time I that thought crosses my mind...I really don't feel quite old enough to be buying furniture. The last time I got anything furniture-like was about ten years ago for my American Girl doll. Here we are just a few years later and I'm married, playing house, and buying furniture for real!! So fun!

We are currently living in a dorm that Jon's work provided as temporary housing. I never had the chance to have the dorm experience as a BYU student, so it has been fun to see what I missed out on! It's really not as bad as I thought it would be - we have an entire suite to ourselves complete with AC, desks, tables, microwave, and mini-fridge. And, not to mention, I have the best roommate I could ever ask for (next to my sister of course...yay for being married)!! Our creativity has come in handy as we have dissembled bunk beds and pushed them together for a make-shift bed, made omelets, pancakes, and chicken with vegetables on our little griddle, and washed dishes in our bathroom sink (don't worry, we have cleaned it and made everything sanitary). We will be moving into our permanent apartment at the end of the month and are ready to enjoy the luxuries of kitchen appliances, a kitchen sink, comfortable furniture, hardwood floors, and our own bed.

Jamie in our kitchen complete with mini-fridge and microwave.

Jon in our living the warehouse floors!


Lee and Jane said...

Hey--I want to see if this comment works. So nothing more than I enjoy you two keeping us up on things, We love you! Mom

Hailey Wright said...

wow!!! your place looks GOOD!!! I love it!!! I hope you guys are having a great time in New York!!! can't wait 2 c u again!!!

love ya!


Shannon C. said...

Nothing screams welcome home like industrial tile. Haha, jk, love your place! (And love your blog too!) Ours is; glad to see you've joined the wonderful world of blog :)

tyler said...

Congrats Jamie!

Link us in, tyler-katie-mcbride(dot)