Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Grown Up World

What an eventful week! I went from finding things to keep me busy during the day to getting up at 5:45, taking an hour and a half commute into the city, and joining the rest of the labor force in the regular 9 to 5 work schedule. I often find myself wondering how people do this every single day of their lives! Welcome to the grown up world, right?!

In all honesty, I am really really excited about my dream job come true (well, one of my dream jobs...the other will come about in due time)! For the next two years I will be a part of the Management Development Program on the marketing team for Redken, one of the brands in L'Oreal's Professional Products Division (these are brands sold only in salons). Starting next week I will begin a ten week rotation in the field working with the sales team and gaining a better understanding and knowledge of the salon industry. After that time I will rotate to a ten month assignment on the global marketing team and then finish up with a twelve month rotation on the US marketing team. So basically I will be rotating through the different marketing divisions of Redken for the next two years, and once I'm finished they will place me where I am needed with my advantage being that I will have a better understanding of the brand. The people that I'm working with are great, and I am anxious to get going and work hard!


Eleesha Tucker said...

An hour and a half commute? My, my, you would be able to read Little Women in no time on the subway!

What a great job opportunity where you are able to learn the perspectives of multiple departments. Then you can supplement your experience with your own creativity. I'm so excited for you!

Tehmi said...

So, do you get free product?? J/K Bond! I love the blog!