Sunday, July 24, 2011

new home in westport

living room




at the end of june, with the help of my sister, ethan and ward members, we moved from our apartment in south norwalk to the second story of a home in westport (only 10 minutes east of where we were living previously).  after one month of being here, everything is finally stowed away and pictures are hung.  all i need is for my husband to return, and this will officially be our new home.


Camille said...

Adorable house Jamie. Your husband is lucky he gets to come home to a new house with everything already moved in!! I wish I could somehow miss out on one of our moves!

engquist said...

So darling, Jamie! How long until you get to see Jon again?

Jonathan said...

Jamie, it looks spectacular. You really know how to make any place in the world "home." I can't wait to come home to you in such a beautiful space. TVTB

Ashley said...

I love the new place--very stylish with the Jamie touch :). Can't wait to visit you again! We're leaving for WA on Sat. so we probably won't see you before then. Have a fantastic trip and take lots of pictures! We have to plan something when we all get back to NY. Miss you--hang in there for a few more days until you see Jon!!!

Laura said...

No fun to move by yourself! Hope you are doing ok with Jon away.