Saturday, June 11, 2011

pictures from ghana

here are some pictures that jon sent me after a week long outreach at a rural village about 5 hours away from accra:

teaching children

eating local cuisine - fufu & grasscutter

watching the fisherman out at sea

he knows how much i love the beach. i miss him


Lizzie said...

That picture of the fishermen at sea is incredible. I can't believe he was standing right there!

Lee and Jane Curtis said...

What amazing things he is seeing. love the pic with the children. Jon is such a draw to children. Love J and J. Time is marching! Love-Jane/Mom

Nicki Dunn said...

cute jamie! i'm glad you added me of fb so i could find your blog! love those more. are you staying busy while jon is away? mckay is gone this week and i am not loving it, i feel you pain a little bit!

Kelsi said...

OK that top picture melts my heart. Those kids are so dang adorable!!!!