Sunday, May 22, 2011

ragnar relay: new haven to boston

this past friday to saturday jonathan and 11 friends ran the overnight ragnar relay race through 200 miles of new england.  they started in new haven, ct and ended in boston, ma with each member running three different legs of the race.  jonathan ran two legs on friday - 5 miles @ 1:30 pm and 6 miles @ 11:15 pm - and one leg on saturday - 6.5 miles @ 8:45 am.  although he didn't get much sleep and is feeling stiff today, jonathan had a blast.  way to go team "unconquerable soles"!

after leg 1

gearing up for leg 2

finished leg 3!!

the whole team - unconquerable soles


Lizzie said...

That sounds hard ... & really fun! I want to do it next year!

Mark and Libby Miller said...

jamie thanks for letting me be your replacement! had a fantastic time although walking down the stairs isnt really working right now!

The Wright Fam said...

That looks like a blast!! I always thought that would be fun!!! Congrats!!

Lindsay said...

So I'm pretty sure I just saw Brian Monson in some of those pictures. I totally went to school with him up at USU and he and Shelley were in our ward for a little while. Small world. Way to go Jonathan!