Sunday, July 11, 2010

we made it to connecticut

thanks to the help of jed, robert and thomas we successfully packed up our manhattan apartment into a 14 foot u-haul.
jonathan, thomas and i then made our way up to connecticut. we hired the help of 2 football players from a local community college {they have a moving business to help them stay in shape for football season} to carry all of the heavier items up our new three story walk-up. within the middle of a few hours we went from city-dwellers to country-folk.

we are loving life in connecticut. the first couple days were a little odd {where is everyone? we have to drive to get places?}, and we found ourselves a bit homesick for the city. living in nyc demands that you learn how to live a new life - you do everything differently:

grocery shopping: you visit the grocery store at least four times a week. there is no such thing as shopping in bulk.

laundry: laundromats are the cheapest, fastest way to go. while you can get all of your laundry done in one visit, you still have to carry your laundry around the block and time it just right so you actually get a washer and dryer.

transportation: your schedule is dictated by the subway. every time you ride you get to see the most interesting people!

exercise: you walk everywhere - to the subway, up and down stairs, to the grocery store, etc - this definitely counts for exercise! if you want serious exercise, you have multiple parks, sports clubs and yoga studios right at your fingertips!

we're slowly unlearning the habits of the city and taking on the way of life in the country. every day we are feeling more and more settled in!


Matt and Jenee said...

Oh my gosh Jamie... i cant wait to come visit somethime. It looks so nice there. We really will get together soon! Love you lots friend!

Kelsi said...

Jamie- I don't know how you do the nyc life. I don't think I could live that way. I'm for sure a country girl. That is smart of those football players to do a moving business to stay in shape!

AmyCurtis said...

That certainly is a change! I hope you love the new place and pace. Its nice to know that the city is close by though, huh? =)