Monday, June 21, 2010

red bull air race at ellis island

saturday afternoon we spent the day with some of our lovely friends on ellis island watching the red bull air race. i had no idea what this event was, and even after going i still can't explain it quite right, so i looked it up: it's an international series of air races in which competitors have to navigate a challenging obstacle course in the fastest time. pilots fly individually against the clock and have to complete tight turns through a course. the races are held mainly over water near cities - and this year was the first time it was ever held in nyc.

let's just say the boys loved it! {ps - all pictures below are from jonathan - he was in heaven!} although we didn't pay as close of attention, the girls had a blast chatting on blankets, eating yummy treats and watching the boys get so excited!

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Kelsi said...

Wow, that looks awesome. I would love to watch that. Cool pics!