Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a glimpse into jon's world

dear jon,

the reason why i'm writing ou this letter today is to talk about my behavior on thursday may 20th, 2010. i'm truly sorry for my inappropriate comments in class on that day. you're a great teacher and i love your class. this why i tooked to write you this letter to apologize for my behavior. to improve my behavior i want to make a deal with you from wensday to next wensday i will like to try not to walk out without permission, complete all my work and no outburst. if i can pull this off you can give me a good phone call home, so may 26th - june 2nd, 2010.

deal or no deal?

thanks for you support and believing in me.

a suspended student

p.s. i know i can do it. you've seen me work at my best.

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