Thursday, April 8, 2010

next steps

this is a favorite phrase at my office - "next steps." after the close of a promotion or launch we have to determine the action plan for moving forward. jonathan and i are kind of at that phase in our lives right now. he's wrapping up his 2nd year of teach for america, and with this coming to a close he's getting ready to move on to the next big adventure.

our next steps:

master of public health. jonathan was accepted to columbia, yale and nyu. we've ruled out nyu and are trying to decide between columbia and yale. a couple weeks ago he and i both took the day off and headed up to new haven for an open house. as soon as we got there i felt like hermione from harry potter. if you haven't been to yale's campus, it looks just like hogwarts!

jonathan is off to columbia's open house tomorrow. hopefully that will help us solidify this decision that we have to make by next week! from there everything will fall into place.

the next big step after that is medical school. jonathan's summer break will be spent studying for the good 'ol mcat, and he'll apply next may. it's a year away, so you never know what other ideas we will think of, but that's our plan for now, at least. we're just taking it one step at a time.

as for me...i'm still loving my dream job!


Tara said...

Wow! That's so awesome! Congratulations!!! My vote (I'm pretending like I get one) goes to Columbia!!!

The Wright Fam said...

That is soo exciting!! So much to look forward to! You guys are living the dream!!! Miss you and let's set up a video chat soon so we can see you guys!! Love you!!

Reno said...


And you know I loved the reference to next steps!

By the way, what are your objectives going into the open house from a cost-benefit perspective? Do you have a clear understanding of the key deliverables, or should I circle back with you at the end of next week to flesh out the strategy?

Lee and Jane Curtis said...

You two have wonderful choices. May you feel the best decision to make. We are cheering!

Alyse said...

Please post what you decide!! This is exciting stuff :) You're the best!