Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas in Utah

We were so spoiled to get to go home for Christmas this year! Our favorite part - spending time with family and friends. Looking through our pictures now I wish we would've taken more to capture all of the fun (especially Jonathan, Marie, Nick and Trev hula hooping on the Wii Fit, skiing and a picture with my mom and dad).

Our last night with Sam and Amy before they head off to China.

My favorite sister whom I miss terribly...already.

This is the view we wake up to every morning at my parent's house in Heber City. It's moments like this that I sometimes wonder why anyone would ever want to move away.

Furthering our contributions to the Yankee payroll.

Trevor finished two Calvin & Hobbes 500-page books within one week.

I love this. Trevor asked for a pull-up bar, and sure enough, Santa brought it!

We made sure to practice driving on Mario Kart before attempting to drive in real life.

Some say we are the same person. I like to think so.

Day before Christmas breakfast with the Curtis family!


Eleesha Tucker said...

Such great pics. It was so good for me to slow down and be with my family for Christmas, good for my soul. Hope you two are doing well.

Lauren said...

So cute! That is a beautiful view from your house!

Lee and Jane said...

How great to have you here. I want some of your pictures-like the one of the 6 of us--sometime. Love-the blog-Mom C

Kristy B said...

Fun pictures. It seems like Christmas was just a dream now. Miss you lots.

Kelsi said...

Jamie Bond.... I miss you. I found your blog on Joeli's page. How is life in New York? Email me when you get a chance! kelsi.remund@gmail.com