Monday, September 1, 2008

The US Open

Jonathan's oldest brother Tom was in Connecticut last week for business meetings and was kind enough to make the trek into the city and stay for a short visit. Can I just tell you how fun it is to see family and friends in a place where you don't see too many familiar fun!

Among the plethora of gifts Tom brought with him were tickets to the US Open!! Getting those tickets, however, proved to be quite an adventure. After searching online through Stub Hub and Ticketmaster on Friday night, we finally found a nice man named Dave on Craig's List who was selling 3 tickets for a much better deal. Thrilled to beat the inflated prices of the online venues, arrangements were made to meet Dave 15 minutes before the matches started the next morning.

The morning was filled with excitement as we ate "New York's best bagels ever" from Absolute Bagels and made our excursion towards the US Open, arriving in ample to meet Dave. We wandered around the outside gates getting even more excited to get in and watch some world class tennis. As the clocked ticked closer to 11, though, Dave had not responded to phone calls or texts. People around us must have seen our distraught faces because they kept coming by asking if we wanted tickets. Within a few minutes we found a cheery old man selling 3 tickets at face value that his country club gave him (the benefits of belonging to a country club I suppose...). We texted Dave, "we found cheaper tickets...sorry you were late" and anxiously made our way inside (beneifts of being punctual)!

Once inside we saw Sam Querry, Andy Murray, Jurgen Melzer, Amelie Mauresom, Lindsay Davenport, and women's and men's doubles and singles by other amazing players. At a few of the field court matches we sat on the very front row and even rubbed shoulders with a few of the players after their matches (we didn't get too close, though...they were pretty sweaty). Even our seats for the more popular players were incredible! There's really something about watching tennis pros in real life. Thanks to Tom we had a wonderful time!!!

Sam Querry vs Ivo Karlovic

Andy Murray vs Jurgen Melzer

Stilts and tennis anyone?

Jonathan Curtis and fans after he beat Andy Roddick!

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